Welcome to our Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier Bibliography.  Once completed, there will be over 100 articles referenced.

Note:  The following bibliography is not meant to be comprehensive, but is a compilation of my favorite amplifier articles from the late 1940s to the mid 1960s.  I have built many of these amplifiers during the past 20 or so years.  Several “recent” articles from The Audio Amateur, Glass Audio, and Sound Practices will also be included.  Two of our amplifier designs appeared in Glass Audio magazine.  Happy reading & constructing!  elc

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The many facets of Hi-Fi Barbie.

Big Barbie ain't takin' no prisoners with her Big Barbie speaker!

Little Schoolgirl Barbie takes her pet Acrosound TO-290 for a walk.

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Dr. FrankenBarbie is elated by the glow of an 811.

Glamorous Model Barbie prefers authentic McIntosh tubes.

Single-Ended Barbie poses next to her 807-based amplifier.

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Beautiful Ballet Barbie and her Mac tuner.

Mighty, mighty Barbie!

Hot Lingerie Barbie stays cool next to an 813.

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Model Barbie pumps iron, then goes onstage with her 813.

Bare Naked Barbie and the Nude-Based 6BX7s.

Egad! Create your own caption for this one.

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Audiophile Barbie on the go with her "portable" hi-fi components.

Flying high with output transformers. More transformers below.

Don't forget to read the Radiotron Designer's Handbook. Barbie did.

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